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We Can't Fool God
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We Can't Fool God

Posted on Thu, Mar 1, 2018

What sin did Jesus condemn more than any other sin? Hypocrisy—especially the flagrant, self-congratulatory kind practiced by the religious leaders of His day.

Religious hypocrites are unspiritual shams. They are trying to gain a reputation for spirituality by playing the role of God-lovers intent on obeying His law. They are unholy fakes who try to fool people—but they can’t fool God.

Although we may look busy, we can’t fool God about our faith, our character, or our service. Like the Pharisees, whom Jesus denounced (Mt. 23:13-28), we may appear to be sincerely religious. But the Lord knows if our profession is merely a facade without saving trust or genuine devotion.

Are you a churchgoing hypocrite, depending on your own good works to gain entrance into heaven? Or are you trusting God’s grace and relying on Christ?

You can’t fool God. It’s not enough to look busy.

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